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Learning about and improving on photography...

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This is not a community to have your photographic works critiqued; there are plenty of those out there. This is a community to learn more about the art, science, and technique of photography.

The word "photography" is of Greek origin and means "light writing". The essentials of photography have been known for many years, but it wasn't until the 1800s when they were combined into the photographic print process. Photography has a history that some find fascinating and some could care less about. Early photographic materials were radically different from current materials, but those efforts helped to define photography and eventually lead to modern techniques. Light is - and always has been - the basic element of all photography and is controlled to form an image. Many people will debate what is or is not photography, but any process that involves the capture of light to form an image is photograpy...it doesn't matter if you use film cameras, digital cameras, or other devices to do this (e.g. scanner-captured work).

Photography is an art. Photography is a science.

Photography is a creative process. But good photography requires some technical competenece...some knowledge of the subject. And that is the purpose of this community. As mentioned, we don't critique your work here. What we do is help you to better understand photographic ideas, techniques, and processes.

All photography-related subjects are up for discussion...learning about aperature, focusing, color, the principles of light, flash photography, time-lapse photography, copyright and legal aspects, basic digital photograph manipulation (color correction, cropping, re-sizing, and the like), composition, common camera features, modeling, and how to improve on your technical or creative abilities...these are examples, but any subject is fair game. Your fellow photographers - newbie or veteran - are often your best resource. And this community aims to pool those resources to help us all improve.


The three guidelines...
  1. This is not intended for the critique of your photography. Posting images are not specifically prohibited - as they may be needed on occassion to better illustrate a point - but do not post asking others to comment on or critique your work. Do not post links to photo journals, communities, etcetera as an attempt to circumvent this rule or advertise your work or community (I must give prior personal approval if you wish to link to a community you feel others would benefit from).

  2. Respect others and understand that the purpose of this community is to help. Don't get frustrated if you here the same questions asked...many may be new and not know a question has been asked before; simply direct them to a prior post that answers their question or direct them to a memory (when we get some good posts to bookmmark). Do not steal the works of others - written or otherwise. Resolve differences responsibly and amicably.

  3. Contribute in some way. Many may join with only the intent to learn, but your experiences may help others learn, so feel free to contribute any ideas, experience, or insight you may have. Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing, too - if you enjoy this community and get the chance, please invite others to come learn or contribute. The more people, the better potential resource this community is.
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