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Selling? - Photography Basics

About Selling?

Previous Entry Selling? Jan. 23rd, 2008 @ 08:53 pm Next Entry
Does anyone sell their prints?  How much?

I had a man inquiring about one of my very old portraits - something I took in a 101 class.  I agreed to sell him a print - but I have no idea how much I should charge.

I will be working on the photograph for a new print, so there will be a bit of labor for it.  It will be printed digitally (from a negative), and will be larger than 8x10 (size hasn't been determined yet).  It is black and white.

I have worked in studios before, where a 5x7 print would sell for up to $150, but I don't feel comfortable charging that much for this (I think the photograph is contrived and ill-composed, taken over 5 years ago).   It will be my first personal print (as a piece of art) that I'll sell.

One other time I had a person wanting a print - and I quoted $500 for it (in hopes to scare them away because the negative was disgusting).  They still wanted it.  Pricing really throws me off!!
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