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Photography Basics

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Mar. 7th, 2007 @ 08:22 pm
I am in need of a digital camera recommendation for a novice. I REALLY hope it's all right to ask; I didn't see anything in the rules. I'll put it under a cut so as to be minimally annoying.

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Digi cam Batteries Apr. 6th, 2007 @ 10:57 pm
Hi, I have a Casio QV-R40 camera (just an ordinary digi cam), and it uses 2 AA batteries. Everytime I put NEWLY CHARGED batteries in the camera, the camera lasts for like 10 seconds when I turn it on, and then it says "low battery". Is there anything I can do to fix this? Is this an easy fix because I really don't have the money to get a new one, ahha.

About computers. Mar. 27th, 2007 @ 07:32 pm
I'm getting ready to purchase a new computer, since my poor lap top has suffered one too many falls over the years.

Due to my lack of care for most things electronic, I am leaning towards getting a desk top since it's much harder to throw those into the wall when upset.

Thing is, though I think a Mac is pretty cool and already know that they're much better for things like photography...is it really worth the extra 7 or 8 hundred dollars I'd be spending? I've never owned a Mac, and just recently received a very old iPod to get me into the 21st century.

I don't do much digital work, but may potentially do so within the next few years. Gotta live some how.

Up to now my sad, little lap top has worked just fine for any digital work I've done. Do you think I'm really, honestly selling myself short if I purchase a PC?

Backdrops Mar. 7th, 2007 @ 12:34 am
I'm looking to make myself some fabric backdrops (I don't need huge, so make them myself will be cheaper) to take pictures of objects against. I'm looking to photograph flowers against such backdrops, that kind of thing. My question is, what kind of fabric should I be looking for? Is standard cotton okay? Or do I need something heavier? Something that causes the light to react in a certain way?

Many thanks. :)

Anyone? Feb. 26th, 2007 @ 08:31 am

Anyone here familiar with, or have feedback regarding Slide.com and their picture hosting? I just noticed them, thanks to a post in one of my art communities (not one I have posting privilages in) so I was wondering of anyone else here had used them and whether there were any known problems, issues or trouble using them with Livejournal?

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» Digital Camera Advice

Heya all

I'm pretty much camera dumb and want to buy my friend a digicam for her birthday.
I'm lookign at 3 models:
Samsung Digimax D53 5mp
Fijifilm Finepix A500 5.1mp
HP Photosmart M425 5mp

I've been speaking to laods of sales people and they could care less about helping me out with getting the best deal. All they do is try to get me to buy a more expensive model, i'm pretty much tired of it all.

In your opinions, which should I go with?


» (No Subject)

Can anyone tell me whether any of these film scanners are worthwhile?
I only have around $400 and I'm wondering whether I could get an ok scanner for this or whether for that price it would be a waste of money. thanks for your help
» (No Subject)
Can anyone reccommend a good digital camera in the £200 price range? I'm not after any kind of SLR (which I wouldn't get for that price anyway), just a high quality compact. Last year I purchased a Kodak Z740 and I've been nothing but disappointed with it's performance. The only good thing about it has been the 10x optical zoom. Ideally I'd like something with an anti shake option since I'm often in situations where using a tripod isn't possible. The Z740 has a sport mode, but it often produces very subdued results - I'm mainly talking about gig photography where use of the flash detracts from the feel of the image.

Aurgh... that all feels very badly worded. Apologies.
» When I saw the break of day, I wished that I could fly away.
in a few short months, I am going to be getting a new camera. I really liked the image quality of mylittlepeony's photos, so I asked her what camera she used. Canon PowerShot S3 IS! and I'm thinking of getting a Rebel! I don't know, I've been on dpreview.com for the past 20 minutes going over their features and specifications, but I don't know what a lot of the stuff means on there. I payed particular attention to the "Samples" menu where they show photos taken by each camera. I liked the S3 a lot, but of course the EOS 350D has a lot to offer too.

all in all, I really need some help. recommend one over the other, or a different camera altogether. I'm looking for advice from people who have photography experience, and I prefer recommendations with prices under $700-750, please.

thank youuu. :)
» how much to charge for headshots???
Hey guys

I need your input on something.

I have recently had a bunch of people coming to me looking to get headshots done for modelling and acting portfolios. This isn't an area that I have gotten into yet, so I am unsure of what to charge/what to give as far as prints, etc.

Photographers: Do any of you have a standard guideline you could tell me about, such as, you know, you get 'x' amount of photos ('x' amount of 8x10s, 'x' amount of 5x7s, etc.) for 'x' amount of dollars?

Models: What have you paid in the past for headshots, and what sort of package did the photographer give you (how many photos, what sizes, were they on cd or did they print them for you, etc.)

Any information you can give me on this subject would be EXTREMELY appreciated, or if you could direct me to a good website that contains this type of info.

Thanks in advance, everyone!!!
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