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Hi there everyone! My name is Desiree, and I have always loved photography but only in the past year have I gotten serious about it...I have a Canon Rebel Xt (350D) and a Canon Rebel T2 for my film photography. I have a 50mm 1/4 lens and a 70-300mm lens that I use with both the cameras in addition to the stock lenses they came with...I have recently started toying with lomography cameras as well, the fisheye being my favorite...

so here goes my question...a friend of mine who is a wedding planner just asked me to jump on board with her and start shooting weddings...I've done a baby shower before, but other than that I usually do outdoor shoots for my model friend's portfolios (i have a lot of model friends lol) and I've only recently started toying around with my very cheap light set up for indoor photography (thank you, ebay!)...basically I wonder if anyone here has done weddings, and if you can give me advice as far as equipment you'd reccomend...though ANY advice on the subject would be great!

thanks so much!!!

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Date:August 4th, 2008 09:22 pm (UTC)
DWF. This is the single most helpful tool I have ever used. digitalweddingforum.com. There are soooo many people there to help you, so many threads to read on just about any question you could ever have, as well as huge points of inspiration.

The fact that you already have a light set up, cheap or not, is definitely helpful! I have shot weddings with just two lenses and a mounted flash at the bare minimum with good results, but to have a light set up that you can use for reception settings is going to be very beneficial.

I would recommend getting a lens for a wider angle, like an 18-55 lens.

Good luck!
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